Yes. Citizens of other countries can get married in Greece and Cyprus. Depending on your nationality, different certificates are required.

The civil wedding that took place in Greece and Cyprus is recognized in all EU countries, but also in most countries worldwide. Immediately after the wedding, your marriage is legally valid.

This is generally allowed in Greece and Cyprus. Every city bike decides annually whether and in which places (outside the town hall) weddings can take place. Whether a civil wedding can take place on the beach depends on the city bike. Even if a civil ceremony on the beach cannot take place in the city you have chosen, a Symbolic Wedding can still be organized.

The cost of a wedding depends on many factors.
The costs of the registry office range from € 0 to € 400, - depending on the registry office and the wedding location.
The cost of translating your documents should not cost more than € 400
That is the necessary cost. The total cost of a wedding then depends on the services you need and the wedding location. A photographer for an hour on a small, non-touristy island costs much less than a photographer for an hour in Santorini. The flowers, the decoration, make-up, hairdresser, etc. naturally increase the price.
Conclusion: Depending on your needs, a wedding in Greece costs from around € 400 if you do everything yourself.

The sooner the better. If you have enough time ahead of you, you have several options. You must have submitted the application to us at least 3 months before the wedding date. The necessary documents must be presented to the registry office for inspection at least two months before the wedding date.

Please get in contact with us. You can choose one of our packages or you can let us know your needs and we will make you a price proposal. If you are satisfied with our proposal, you must submit an application to us. The following steps are then taken. Firstly, we will ask the responsible registry office for available dates. Then we will analyze your needs together, step by step, and plan the wedding. We do everything else.

After you have accepted our price proposal and made the application, 25% of the total gas amount must be paid by bank transfer or credit debit card or PayPal. Some suppliers require an advance. During the organization, a 25% payment has to be made. The remaining 50% must be paid one day before the wedding. * Translation costs and supplier costs that have to be paid in advance must be paid immediately and not as in the above payment plan.

If for any reason you have to cancel the wedding, 50% of your advance payment will be paid back. This does not apply to supplier costs that have already been paid, nor to the translation costs of the documents.


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